8 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Customers Happy

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8 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Customers Happy As a Small Business


Ensuring your customers are satisfied should be your priority. Here are tips for keeping your customers happy and loyal.

    For any business to thrive, it must have a strong customer base. Regardless of how small or big the business may be, ensuring your customers are satisfied should be your priority. When you began the business, you were targeting customers and making sure those customers kept coming by offering them the best products or services. Customers are from different walks of lives with different expectations about the kind of service or product they should get. As a business owner, dedicate time to think of ways that you can keep all your customers satisfied and happy. To get you started, outlined below are various useful tips for keeping your customers happy and loyal to your business.

1. Constant Communication with Your Customers

Communication in today's world is very easy. It's through communicating with your customers that you know what they think about your services or products. Through communication, you also get to appreciate them for being loyal.  You could communicate with your customers through social media, through your website or by personally asking them to rate your services or products. 

2. Keep Your Word

Customers like it when raised issues are looked into without compromise. As the business owner, when you promise to have certain issues looked at, ensure that you really look into them and offer a good solution in the end. When a customer visits your shop later and finds out that the issue they complained about has not been addressed, they will feel disappointed and you can be assured they will take their business elsewhere.  Also, if you promise to give a discount or an offer, honor your promise as you stated. When customers meet all the terms and conditions as clearly stipulated, award them their discounts. This is another way of creating long-term loyal customers and establishing trust with new customers.

3. Be Patient in Solving Issues

Not all customers are easy to deal with. But as the business owner with a lot at stake, when dealing with a customer who feels dissatisfied, be patient and respectful. Even when they take their anger out on you, or take too long explaining, be patient with them. Such a customer will spread a good word about your business because of how respectful and patient you are when it comes to listening and solving issues. 

4. Show Gratitude

It is important that you show your gratefulness to your customers for their continued interest in your business. Statements such as "Thank you" and "Have a wonderful day" will make your customer feel very much appreciated, valued and happy. Such a customer will always come back and also recommend your services to other people.You could also consider giving back to the community as a way of showing gratitude to the loyalty of the customers within your community.

5. Respond Promptly To Your Customers

You will always get tons of emails and comments from your customers. The messages could be inquiries, complaints or suggestions. Quick responses to such messages will show that you are on top of your game. Customers will definitely feel happy when their requests, complaints, and inquiries are responded to quickly.

6. Cultivate Trust Between You and Your Customers

Trust is easily destroyed but hard to regain, just as the saying goes. Trust might sound cliché but it is a very important ingredient in ensuring that your customers remain loyal to your business. It's advisable to be open and honest with your customers. Be honest about the kind of services and products you are selling, and let your discounts, offers, competition wins and all the other marketing ideas be transparent and real. 

7. Be Attentive to Your Customers

Customers know what they want and if you don't give them what they want they will move elsewhere. Pay attention to their suggestions and complaints. Customers who are listened to will be happy with you and they will keep coming back to your shop. You can engage them on social media, through your website and directly when they come calling at your premises.

8. Take Full Responsibility if It Is Your Fault.

Sometimes mistakes are inevitable and one of your staff or even yourself could make a mistake that results in a customer's anger. The honorable thing is always admitting when a mistake has happened and especially when it is your fault. Take it upon yourself to make it up to the customers. This can be achieved by giving them a discount as a way of showing remorse for the mistake done. 

Keeping your customers happy is a great part of running your business. Customers are the backbone of any business, and when they are happy, your business will flourish. Take care of the customers and they will ensure that you will smile all the way to the bank to collect your profits. A happy customer translates to a successful and growing business.

"Customers are the backbone of any business, and when they are happy, your business will flourish"